Control Tower

Are the logistics aspects of your business becoming increasingly complex? Does your organisation find it difficult to remain in control, even with a centralised approach? If so, you most probably face challenges in your logistics operations, optimisation, business intelligence and wide-scaled transparency. Ewals Cargo Care has vast experience in this area of expertise. To face these challenges we have developed our Control Tower product portfolio.

Control Tower portfolio

A business to business concept, from a single pallet to Full Truck Loads, for both inbound and outbound oriented supply chains. From the design of your supply chain to daily order management. From strategic sourcing to the daily execution of your shipments and self-billing of your logistics partners.

Our Control Tower operates your logistics for you and on behalf of you. It is your single point of contact with robust access to the road freight carrier market through a trusted partner network. It offers you access to over 1,000 active carriers, including our own European Multimodal Network. This makes us an advanced asset-reliable Lead Logistics Provider.