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Equipment options

Which type of trailer suits your requirements best? Ewals Cargo Care has a sizeable fleet of Mega Huckepack XLS trailers and other units. Have a look at the different types of available equipment and learn how their benefits can serve you.

Mega Huckepack XLS trailer

No more trailer rejection by rail operators due to cargo bulging! The Mega Huckepack XLS trailer is a proven safe and efficient solution for transporting regular cargo, in particular cargo with a tendency to bulge such as tyres. This trailer has reinforced and easily modified side curtains with no loose parts, guaranteeing that the maximum width is no longer exceeded.

Mega Huckepack XLS
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Mega Huckepack XL trailer

All Mega Huckepack XL trailers are XL certified. This means they have extra strong headboards and side curtains. As it is a craneable unit, it can be easily positioned on a railway wagon which makes it suitable for road, short-sea and rail transport. It allows for back, side and top loading and, like any Mega trailer, can contain up to 100CBM.

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Mega Jumbo Road Train (XLS)

The Mega Jumbo Road Train consists of a motor vehicle and a trailer both having a loading unit of 7.7m; so 15.4m in total! As a result, its volume capacity is 17% larger than a regular Mega trailer (which has a shorter length) and even 30% more than a standard trailer (which has a shorter length & height).

Furthermore, the XLS system can be applied to it. Consequently, this Mega Jumbo Road Train XLS is extra strong, rigid, safe & secure which is especially relevant when transporting instable, bulging & high-value cargo.

Our Mega Jumbo Road Trains (XLS) are operated from our office in Oldenzaal (NL).

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Mega 1 Axle trailer

The Mega 1 Axle trailer can contain 100CBM (like any Mega) and only has one axle (instead of three) which allows it to carry loads up to 15.5 tonnes. This results in lower toll expenses (e.g. Czech road taxes and German Maut) and fuel savings. It is a highly suitable equipment option for shunting activities.

Our Mega 1 Axle trailers are operated from our offices in the Czech Republic.

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