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PartLoads @Ewals

Do you have part loads that require shipping? Have you already considered using Ewals Cargo Care’s European Part Load network? We combine our own and partner network of connected cross-docks and warehouses with the strengths of our local offices, to ship your groupage and LTL loads.

We can apply different set-ups ranging from groupage (with pre-collections, cross-docking, regular line hauls & last-mile deliveries), to co-loading and milk run solutions depending on your requirements or what mutually works best!

Groupage European network
  • Connected cross-docks & warehouses
  • Pre-collection & last-mile delivery
  • Regular line hauls
Additional options
  • Distribution



Automotive Industry
ZF (Slovakia)

moved by Ewals

„Together with Ewals Cargo Care, we selected a suitable set-up for transporting our FTL, LTL and express shipments. Their willingness to cooperate, combined with their precise transit times, competitive rates and high level of professional care, make them the right partner for us.”
- Ing. Dominika Dudová, Manager of Transport Management / Shared Services Slovakia

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Looking for a solid partner to ship your LTL’s?

Ewals Cargo Care actively invests in the development of our LTL network that builds upon the strength of local expertise and a robust set op partners. A good example of this is the recently initiated weekly linehaul between Porto and Barcelona.