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Securing & special options

Would you like advice in securing your cargo? Or would you prefer your goods to stay at a secure parking during drivers’ resting times? Does the type of load require the driver to have special licenses?
Have a look at the options that Ewals Cargo Care offers to ensure your cargo travels in the required condition.


Customs clearance

If your goods cross international borders (or those of a customs union such as the EU), they must pass through customs. Once goods are cleared, the shipper receives a document to confirm that any applicable duties were paid and transport can be resumed. The process of clearing goods includes multiple elaborate and distinctive steps and tasks, which is an area of expertise for customs brokers.

Customs clearance
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Mobile Quality Team

Would you like to discuss or have an onsite analysis performed about your logistics loading or unloading processes? Ewals Cargo Care’s Mobile Quality Team can design, suggest and implement (approved) improvements in load positioning and securing, equipment quality, packaging and health & safety aspects.

This team of certified technical experts has significant know-how and experience in various modes of transport (i.e. rail, short-sea and road), equipment types, loading procedures, load positioning & securing and packaging.

They can also perform either customer-dedicated or standard quality checks of drivers and equipment to suggest improvements in drivers’ behaviour and their equipment handling.

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Special licences

Drivers equipped with the necessary special licenses are available on certain routes. Other and additional requirements can of course be discussed.

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Secure parking

Ensuring that we only park our equipment on secure parkings, for instance because high-value cargo is being shipped, can of course be arranged.

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